Sunday, December 9, 2012

150 Videos ... and Counting!

New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" marks the 150th video at ERV, and I wanted to take a moment to thank the reader(s) and provide a few highlights of the blog so far.

First, a few of my favorite videos that are particularly rare (and were posted way back when the blog started):

Clocks - "She Looks a Lot Like You"
The Producers - "She Sheila" and "What's He Got"
Farrenheit - "Fool in Love"
Jon Butcher Axis - "Don't Say Goodnight"
Digney Fignus - "The Girl With the Curious Hand"
Neal Schon and Jan Hammer - "No More Lies"
Martin Briley - "Salt of My Tears"

If you haven't been checking out ERV from the start, or are just curious, please give them a listen, as they represent some of my favorites.

Second, the most popular video on the blog at this point is:

The Members - "Working Girl"

While the least watched video is:

Whitesnake - "Slow An' Easy"

I have to say, there is not an obvious pattern for what is popular on the blog, with different genres all doing well (and badly) at different times.

Lastly, while the blog has been mostly viewed by Americans, there have been almost a thousand page views each from Canada and the UK, and hundreds of views from Russia, Germany, France, Australia, India and Turkey.  So a big thank you is in order to our international viewers, too.

To all of our readers, I hope that you have enjoyed reading the posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to friend me on Facebook (Eighties Rare Videos), and leave comments or suggestions as the spirit moves you.  Clicking on ads is also cool, if they are interesting.

And have no fear:  while we have posted 150 videos, I have a list of potential adds that is well over 100, and seems to grow every week.  So, more to come ...

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