Saturday, October 8, 2011

Martin Briley - The Salt in My Tears

Just a perfect video for ERV -- a rare video of a rare, good song.  From Briley's second solo album, 1983's One Night With a Stranger.  "The Salt in My Tears" is also Briley's only charting single (it hit #36 on Billboard in the summer of 1983), making him an official one hit wonder.

Although relatively simple, the video is fun and does seem to reflect the song reasonably well.  While Briley's solo career was somewhat brief (1981 - 1985) he found success as a studio and touring musician  and songwriter.  Briley worked with Ian Hunter, Céline Dion and Julian Lennon, and wrote songs that were recorded by Céline Dion,  Kenny Loggins, Pat Benatar, Jeff Healey, and Night Ranger among others.

Cool trivia fact:  Briley was recovering from food poisoning at the time of the shoot, explaining why he doesn't really move around much in the video.  However, I have no idea what is up with the hat -- he also wears it on the second video from the album, so maybe is was his idea of a fashion statement.

Cool trivia fact #2:  Briley also contributed a song to the soundtrack of the 1984 classic movie, Body Rock.


  1. Interesting tidbit: Mr. Briley can be spotted in two other ERV videos -- with his trademark hat, even. He's in the first five seconds of "Too Late for Goodbyes" by Julian Lennon, and you can also catch him (well, the back of his head, anyway) in Ian Hunter's "All of the Good Ones are Taken."

    Just discovered your blog, and I am enjoying exploring the archives and watching videos I'd forgotten even existed.

    1. Corkey, thanks for the kind words -- I am glad that you like the blog. I have updated the videos you mentioned; thanks for the great trivia. Feel free to like ERV on Facebook, as well -- we post some additional trivia there, as well as cool eighties songs that do not have a video.