Saturday, September 10, 2011

Neal Schon and Jan Hammer - No More Lies

What do you get when you combine the guitarist from Journey with the guy who wrote the theme to Miami Vice?  Well, the resulting music is actually not half bad.  Although not groundbreaking, "No More Lies" is a decent rock song, and a pretty rare video to boot.

Amazingly, this song is from Schon & Hammer's second album, 1982's poorly named Here to Stay.  The duo also released Untold Passion in 1981.  At the time, Neal Schon was starting to feel stifled by Journey, and Jan Hammer was a well-regarded fusion and jazz keyboardist.  As Schon got his start in Santana, the combination makes more sense that you would first think.

As for Schon and Hammer ... well, Neal Schon remained with Journey until the 1987 breakup, and then co-founded Bad English.  Jan Hammer had a huge breakout with Miami Vice and went on to have a successful career scoring TV and movie soundtracks.

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