Saturday, April 12, 2014

Huey Lewis and the News - Some of My Lies Are True (Sooner or Later)

This one goes out to long time reader Sam, who recommended it when we posted the last Huey Lewis and the News video, for "Workin' For A Livin'" in December 2013.  (We have also posted "Heart and Soul" in October 2011 as part of our first All Hallows Even celebration, and posted "Doing It All For My Baby" in October 2018 as part of a more recent All Hallows Even.)

"Some of My Lies Are True (Sooner or Later)" was off the 1980 self titled debut for Huey Lewis and the News.  The album was released just after the band changed its name (from Huey Lewis and the American Express) after Chrysalis Records expressed concern over the threat of lawsuits from the financial services company.  Sadly, neither the album nor the single charted, although I think that things turned out just fine for Huey and the band.

To my ear, this is the most new wave-influenced song from the band, and I don't think that they had quite found their sound.  However, I really like it.  Huey Lewis and the News always had a strong pop sensibility, but I especially enjoyed the songs where they showed their bar band roots and just rocked out a little.

The video is a classic and rare early clip, with the band playing on a beach (in Northern California, I presume).  I particularly like that the folks at MTV put the wrong song down (for "Don't Ever Tell Me That You Love Me," which was a different song off the same LP).

I also found an alternate version of the video (and song), for folks who are interested.

Cool trivia fact:  A remixed version of Some of My Lies Are True" was released in 1986 as the B side to the "Hip to Be Square" single, and generated a bit of airplay at that time.


  1. Thanks for posting both videos.
    I still enjoy this song.
    Fun memories of seeing music videos before MTV.
    Ha! the song being miss-titled.
    Huey Lewis and The News being New Wave.
    Then they recorded some album... SPORTS was it?

    1. Sam, thanks for stopping by and for requesting the song. I still enjoy it, too and can recall seeing videos before MTV (mostly on HBO's Video Jukebox). And yea ... Sports. #1 LP, 7 million units and 5 top 40 singles ... not bad for a day's work.