Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Patty Smyth - Never Enough

In some ways, it is surprising that Patty Smyth didn't become a big star in the 1980's.  Of course, ERV is littered with talented bands who never became big, big stars due to bad timing or just plain old back luck.  In Smyth's case there is unsurprisingly some of each.

Patty Smyth got her start in Scandal, who were featured on ERV for the "Love's Got A Line On You" video (and demo) in November, 2013.  Scandal flirted with success, but only recorded one top 40 single prior to breaking up in 1984.  Smyth then passed on joining Van Halen as the replacement for David Lee Roth, as she was pregnant with her first child (with then-boyfriend Richard Hell).  She did sing on the Hooters 1985 LP Nervous Night (on "Where Do the Children Go") before finally releasing her first solo album in 1987.

The Never Enough album reached #66 on the charts, while the single of the same name climbed to #61.  Smyth's 1992 eponymous second album did somewhat better, helped by two top 40 singles ( "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" [with Don Henley] and "No Mistakes.")  After the 1992 album, Smyth wrote a few songs for movie soundtracks before fading from view.  In recent years, she has been a bit more active, and there was even a Scandal reunion in 2004 (and a new album in 2008).

The video for "Never Enough" is pretty standard fare, but it is still totally enjoyable.  In addition, it's a (reworked) cover of a song by Baby Grand.  (Baby Grand?)  Baby Grand featured Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman (who would go on to form the Hooters in 1980).  The group released two LPs in the 1970's but obviously did not break through.  Here is the Patty Smyth version:

And the Baby Grand original:


  1. Thanks for the Pop Music History lesson.
    Such a Great web site.
    I really dig Baby Grand's song.
    P.S. YIKES If that is Baby Grand's Album Cover
    That has to be one bad choice.
    That Ain't gonna sell any albums!

  2. Thanks, Sam and yes, it does appear to be the album cover

    Yikes is right.