Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The House Of Love - Destroy The Heart

The House of Love was a British alternative rock band who made a dent in the college rock scene of the late 1980's and early 1990's before fading from view.  The group formed in London in 1986 and was led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Guy Chadwick.

After the band gained momentum in the British college rock scene, they released their self-titled independent LP in 1988 and were soon viewed as the next big thing in British rock (the kiss of death, as long time readers will recall).  From there, a combination of drinking, drugs, and egos doomed the band and they broke up in 1993.  While they had four top 50 albums and two top 40 singles in the U.K., they did not break through in the U.S. (though they did have 4 top 10 singles on the Alternative charts, based on airplay).

"Destroy the Heart" is a 1988 non-album single that did not chart on either side of the Atlantic.  However, it does showcase the group's alternative sound -- moody, but with a definite 1960's guitar vibe folded in.  The combination was unique and interesting; with a bit of luck (and less drinking), the House of Love could have been a much  bigger band.

The group reunited in 2003, and continues to record and tour as of this writing.

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