Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jesse Johnson - I Want My Girl

Best-known as the guitarist for Morris Day and the Time, Johnson signed a solo deal with A&M Records when the group broke up in 1984.  His first album, Jesse Johnson's Revue came out the following year, and  reached #43 on the album charts.

Johnson's material was typical of the Minneapolis pop/funk sound of the day; a less charitable author might call it Prince light.  Still, it is very listenable music, though it does not break any new ground.

For the blog, we went with "I Want My Girl," a slow jam classic.  The song only reached #76 on the pop charts, but did top out at #7 on the R&B charts.  Johnson released two more charting albums in the 1980's, and had 4 top 100 singles led by 1986's "Crazay," with Sly Stone, which hit #53.

As his solo career faded , Johnson became involved in movie soundtracks and album production -- his credits include records by Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson.  Although Johnson has taken several hiatuses (is that a word) from the music industry, he appears to be active as of this writing.


  1. OK Love This Blog
    Haven't commented for awhile because...
    How many times can I type
    Love this song or I kinda Half-ass Love this song?

    Great Pick
    Eighties Rare Videos Indeed
    Still not as cool as I Wanna Be Your Man
    PRINCE Wanna Be 30 years later and I Love It

    1. Sam, Thanks as always for the thoughts -- you can always leave a comment as far as I am concerned (and I run the site!) I prefer this to "I Wanna Be Your Man," but rest assured that is on the list too. Agree about Jesse (and tons of others) wanting to be Prince in the mid-1980's. Hmm, prob should look for more rare Prince stuff, too.

      Thanks for the comment,