Monday, June 16, 2014

Scritti Politti - Perfect Way

Although they were a one hit wonder in the U.S., Scritti Politti were more successful in the U.K., where they had 5 top 40 hits (and 15 charting singles).  The band's origins date back to 1977, but the group (named after the Italian phrase for political writings) was essentially the musical vehicle for Welsh singer-songwriter Green Gartside (born as Paul Strohmeyer).

Scritti Politti's pop sound (with new wave and blue-eyed soul influences) contrasted nicely with Gartside's complex and interesting lyrics.  The result was music that can be enjoyed on several levels, and unsurprisingly made the band something of a critical darling.  This was no doubt enhanced by the well-crafted studio productions.

"Perfect Way" comes off Scritti's 1985 studio LP, Cupid & Psyche 85.  While this was the band's second album, it was their first major label recording, which allowed Gartside access to the money and equipment that he desired.  As a result, it was a lush sounding, lyrically dense pop record that did surprisingly well on the charts.

While Scritti did not dent the U.S. charts after "Perfect Way," the group did continue to have mainstream success in the U.K. through the end of the 1980's.  Green Gartside remains active in the industry, and continues to release the occasional album (he rarely performs, due to stagefright).


  1. POW! BIFF! BAM!
    This song always gets a "Turn It UP" from me.
    (As does MIKEY)

    Again, RARE Video?
    All The Best,

  2. Glad that you like the songs, Sam.

  3. The most recent two albums were wonderful. Just exactly the caliber of songwriting you'd expect from Gartside. I hated this song at the time but I discovered a few years later that my vocal range is close to his, at which point I started loving it. I'm such a hypocrite!

    1. LOL -- excellent. I can't even count how many songs I wrote off in the 1980's that I like now.