Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Novo Combo - Tattoo

Sometimes characterized as an American version of The Police (albeit a much, much, much, much less successful version), Novo Combo released two solid new wave/pop albums in the early 1980's and even generated a bit of airplay on MTV.  However, the band was unable to break through, which of course makes them perfectly suited for ERV.

Novo Combo formed in New York and was composed of several music industry veterans, including Michael Shrieve (drums), who played on the first 8 Santana albums.  Stephen Dees (bass) played with Hall & Oats, while guitarist/singer Pete Hewlett and lead guitarist Jack Griffith rounded out the original lineup.  (Carlos Rios replaced Griffith on the second Novo Combo album.)

"Tattoo" was off the band's self-titled 1981 debut LP.  The album did hit the charts, at #167, and "Tattoo" reached #42 on the Mainstream Rock charts.  However, the group's second effort, 1982's Animation Generation did not do as well, and the band broke up soon afterwards.

The video is a classic early MTV performance piece, and I vaguely remember seeing it.  I particularly enjoyed the super-serious drummer, smoke effects, and Steinberger headless bass (so 1980's).


  1. Now That's A Blast From The Past.
    I Haven't Listened To Novo Cobo In Wha...
    25 now 30 years?
    Have their fist album. And I enjoyed It.
    Just Love Your Site.
    Thank You for the memories.

    1. And I thought that I was the only one who would remember Novo Combo. Glad that you enjoyed it.