Saturday, March 15, 2014

Honeymoon Suite - New Girl Now

"New Girl Now" is another forgotten gem, and the full video contains one of the coolest, eighties-ish intros ever put on tape.  The first 38 seconds starts with some guys doing graffiti, when a Delorean pulls up (presumably without the flux capacitor).  A blown kiss that turns into candy hearts follows (I just loved that bit), and we cut to the band on stage.

Honeymoon Suite formed in Niagara Falls, Canada in 1981, and went through several lineup changes in the early years, before settling on Johnnie Dee (vocals), Derry Grehan (guitar), Gary Lalonde (bass), Ray Coburn (keyboards) and Dave Betts (drums).

As we mentioned in the "Feel It Again" video (posted last May), "New Girl Now" launched the group's career when they won a battle of the bands on Toronto's Q107 radio station.  The self-titled debut album followed in 1984, and "New Girl Now" picked up some airplay.  The song eventually reached #57 on the charts, while the album climbed to #62.

Although the band never really broke through in the U.S., they had four charting singles, and one top 40 hit (the previously mentioned "Feel It Again.")  They had more success in their native Canada, and were a successful live act; they were the opening band on several big 1980's tours including Billy Idol, Heart and Journey.

The band remains active (with some personnel changes) as of this writing.

A special shout out to Sam on this one. (I hope that you have not seen the full intro with the Delorean).


  1. Thanks for making this video a part of your excellent site.
    I think this song just ROCKS always have.
    And man, does it just scream 80's!
    No Apologies I Know What I Love
    Yes I've seen The Delorean
    Who do you think your dealing with? HAW!
    I click that Watch on YouTube view at large on my MAC...
    Then my Bose speakers kick in.
    Just sayin This is how I enjoy your site. Loud.
    Have you looked at your Archive?
    So GREAT!

    All The Best,

    1. Sam, sorry to doubt you and the Delorean (I hadn't seen it before). And glad that you are rocking out to the site ... that's what we're here for.