Friday, May 10, 2013

The Lightning Seeds - Pure

Every now and then, we come across a song that fits perfectly into the blog, almost as if The Universe itself has made a request.  [As an aside, it would be pretty damn cool if The Universe did care about 1980's music in general and ERV specifically ... my idea of heaven surely has a lot of 1980's music, along with some really good pizza.]  At any rate, I heard this one today and was surprised to find out that it is a 1980's song, although just barely.

The Lightning Seeds were formed by noted producer Ian Broudie (of Echo & the Bunnymen, The Fall, and The Icicle Works fame).  He started using the name for his solo work beginning in 1989, and the project eventually evolved into a full fledged band.  By the by, Broudie's first band was Big in Japan (with Holly Johnson), who would be the inspiration for the Alphaville song of the same name (featured on ERV in January 2012).  Small world, huh?

"Pure" was released in June of 1989, making it officially an eighties song, although the Cloudcuckooland album wasn't released until early 1990.  [As I said, before I looked it up, I though of "Pure" as an early nineties song.]  And yes, Cloudcuckooland should go on the growing list of coolest album titles ever.  "Pure" ended up charting, reaching #31 on the main charts, the only top 40 hit for the band.  To be fair, they did have several Modern Rock charting hits in the early to mid 1990's and a slew of hits in the UK.

Broudie and The Lightning Seeds continue to record and perform to the present day, although  they did take an extended hiatus in the early 2000's.


  1. Enjoy This Tune Very Much
    Sounds Very Eighties To Me
    I Favor Music Videos Like This
    The Songwriter Singing The Composition
    With Wonderful Visuals

    1. Thanks, Sam, appreciate the support (as always).