Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Amazingly (to me, at least) Electric Boys "All Lips N' Hips" was the 200th video on ERV.  We have been going strong since August 2011 and have a current backlog of more than 100 videos -- which is at least another years' worth.

I would like to thank any and all readers on the site -- I enjoy doing the blog, but it is especially fun to have some regulars who email and comment (you know who you are).  For anyone else wondering how to express support for ERV, you can:  tell your friends, like us on Facebook or follow us on Blogger (or both), click on ads, comment or email us.  Or you can just lurk -- we're pretty easy around here.

As a brief interlude before we get back to the videos, I have a few station identifiers and intros to great video programs from the 1980's.  The first is a collection of MTV Identifiers:

Next, the intro theme to the wonderful USA Network show Night Flight.  I have mentioned Night Flight once or twice on ERV -- it was a collection of videos, rock movies, cult films, documentaries and art films.

Lastly, the introduction to HBO's Video Jukebox, which played videos in between movies on HBO.  I believe that this was the first place that I saw music videos, as Video Jukebox actually predates MTV.

Again, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this, and we will have more videos up soon.


  1. What, no Night Tracks or Friday Night Videos themes?? Oh the many hours wasted watching those two programs...Congratulations on your 200th post milestone. Looking forward to the next 200!

    1. Thanks Corky. I did not watch a ton of Night Tracks or Friday Night Videos (I think we had MTV by then) but any 1980's video program was good in my book. And I appreciate the kind words, too.

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    1. Thanks, Sam. I appreciate your support and comments.