Friday, March 8, 2013

Phil Collins - I Missed Again

Phil Collins has to be one of unlikeliest rock stars ever.  As many readers will know, Collins started as the drummer in Genesis, then became the lead singer when Peter Gabriel left (and the band couldn't find anyone better to sing).  Over time, Genesis transformed from a progressive rock band to a pop band and became enormously successful.

While the band's commercial success continued to grow, Phil Collin's personal life was deteriorating; he actually took a leave of absence from Genesis to work on his marriage.  Unfortunately, things did not work out and his (first) wife filled for divorce in 1979.  Collins then did what many artists would do under similar circumstances: he poured himself into his work.  The result was a bunch of new songs, some of which appeared on Genesis' 1980 album Duke (most notably,  "Misunderstanding").  Eventually, his record label got word of the material, and offered Collins a solo contract.

Work on the Face Value album began in 1979 and took two years.  While the material was primarily based on  the failure of his marriage, Collins softened the approach over time, and the result was a tremendously successful album.  The Face Value LP hit #7 on the charts, and went on to sell 5 million units in the U.S.  Interestingly, both "In the Air Tonight" and "I Missed Again" peaked at #19 on the U.S. charts.

Collins would go on to have more top 40 hits in the U.S. than any other artist during the 1980's.  He also is one of only three artists to have sold more than 100 million units both as a solo artist and as a member of a band.  The other two?  Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.  On the personal front, things have not been quite as smooth; Collins was divorced from his third wife in 2008.  Sadly, Phil Collins announced his retirement from music in 2011.

A special shout out to ERV reader Sean, who requested this one a while back.

Below is original video, with Collins playing all of the instruments, air style.

As a special extra, we also have an audio of the demo track of the song, with the original lyrics.  Note that the original title of the song was "I Miss You, Babe."  It is also worth pointing out how much more downbeat the original demo was.

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