Friday, March 15, 2013

BulletBoys - Smooth Up In Ya

BulletBoys are your basic late 1980's pop metal band, and I'll admit that I have a soft spot for them, even if they did come off as a mimeographed Van Halen.  The band formed in LA (of course) in 1987, and were led by Marq Torien, who had previously been a member of Ratt and King Kobra.

The band's self-titled debt and early videos tried to duplicate the Van Halen formula, right down to Torien doing his best David Lee Roth impression.  It didn't hurt that their first three albums were produced by Ted Templeman, who also produced Van Halen's first 6 albums.

Drafting off the huge popularity of pop metal and Van Halen, BulletBoys found their audience, and the debut record hit #34 on the album charts, while "Smooth Up In Ya" (#71) and a cover of the O'Jays "For the Love of Money" (#78) both broke the top 100.  The band's second LP charted, but changing tastes and weaker material consigned them to working band status, were they continue to this day.

Coll trivia fact:  BulletBoys did a surprisingly solid version of Tom Wait's "Hang On St. Christopher," on their 1991 album, Freakshow.


  1. Hell Yeah
    I Dig That Late 80eze Hard Pop Metal

    Any VAIN Beat The Bullet Forthcoming?

    1. Sam, I totally forgot about Vain, but yes, they are now in the bullpen, so they will be on the blog at some point. Love the suggestions -- keep them coming. I also dig your eclectic taste in 1980's music -- Vanity 6 and Vain? Cool.

  2. Rockdog
    That Is The 80's
    That Is Why I LOVE THIS SITE
    So Damn Cool.
    You Are Making A Mark (GOOGLE) For ShitHot Tunes