Sunday, December 2, 2012

Britny Fox - Girlschool

By 1988, as pop metal was reaching its zenith, Britny Fox emerged out of the Philadelphia music scene.  Led by lead singer "Dizzy" Dean Davidson, the band came off almost as Cinderella lite, but truth be told, their first album is not half bad.  However, the Cinderella comparisons are not totally off base; several Britny Fox members had played in earlier versions of Cinderella, and the band took both musical and style cues from their more established compatriots.

Britny Fox' self titled debut became one of the best selling first albums of the year, peaking at #39 and going gold.  The first two singles, "Long Way to Love" and "Girlschool" both broke the top 100.  Unfortunately, weaker material, changing tastes and tensions within the band caused Britny Fox to fade from view almost as quickly as they had appeared.  While the members remained in the music industry (to this day, in fact), they have not been able to catch lightning in a bottle twice.

For the blog, we went with the second single, "Girlschool."  This song was the band's biggest hit, reaching #81 in the U.S. and #67 in the U.K.  The video is classic hair metal goodness, with the band ... and lots of girls.  By the way, the lead actress is Kim Anderson, who did a bunch of rock videos in the 1980's.

Amazingly, I also found some behind the scenes footage (this seems to be a recurring theme), which I have included for those who are interested.  I have to say, I am struck by how professional the shoot seems ... I'm not sure what I was expecting, but probably not that.

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  1. First Off
    This Song RAWX
    Perfect Example Of 80's wig.. I mean HAIR Metal
    The behind scenes video is so great.
    Who Knew So Much Effort Was Put Into A Music Video
    Like This
    And This Video Is First Class
    The End Result Is The Editing

    Thanks For The Blog "You're Staying After Schooooool"