Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bryan Adams - Hearts on Fire

The "every man" rock star, Canadian Bryan Adams seems to have flown under the radar during his career -- until you consider the large number of catchy rock songs he has written and the 75 million (or so) records that he has sold.

Although Adams released his first album in 1980, it was 1983's Cuts Like a Knife and 1984's Reckless (a #1 album that went 5x platinum in the U.S.) that really launched his career.  However, in typical ERV style, we are not going to go with anything off those smash records.  Instead, we dug a little bit deeper into his catalog.

"Hearts on Fire" was originally written during the Reckless recording session with Adams' longtime songwriting partner, Jim Vallance.  Two years later, Adams recorded the song and it became the second single off his 1987 album, Into the Fire, where it peaked at #26 on the U.S. charts.  While it was not a huge hit, it is a solid, and pretty typical Bryan Adams song.  No question about it; the dude knows how to write a decent rock song.  The video is about as straightforward as they come (much like Mr. Adams, I imagine) -- it is a performance clip, from a 1987 concert in Florida.

Cool trivia fact:  Bryan Adams sang backup on Mötley Crüe's 1989 album Dr. Feelgood (other artists who sang backup on the album include:  Sebastian Bach, Robin Zander, Jack Blades, Rick Nielsen  and Steven Tyler).

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