Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Romantics - One in a Million

The Romantics (named because the band formed on Valentine's Day 1977) were a Detroit-based power pop band with clear British Invasion influences.  Although they are best known for their 1980 hit "What I Like About You," it was not their biggest hit.  Instead, 1983's "Talking in Your Sleep" from the In Heat album takes that honor, as it reached #3 on the Billboard charts.

The third single from In Heat is "One in a Million," a solid song with a wonderfully campy video.  Set it some strange alternate 1950's sexy universe, the video does highlight the Romantics sense of style.  Although somewhat hard to describe, I would characterize the band's style as 1950's meets Road Warrior, with extra leather thrown in, to boot.

As is all too common a refrain on this blog, the band was unable to hold it together after In Heat, and drummer Jimmy Marinos left prior to 1985's Rhythm Romance.  While the band continued to work, they did not release another album until the web-released 61/49 in 2003.

Cool trivia fact:  Clem Burke (of Blondie fame) was The Romantics official drummer for most of the 1990's.