Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rick Springfield - I've Done Everything for You

After working as a musician and actor for years, Rick Springfield finally got his big break in 1981, with the Working Class Dog album.  The album peaked at #7, driven by "Jessie's Girl," a #1 hit with a corresponding video that showed the emerging power of a young MTV.

However, it is the second (charting) single that is more interesting (to me, at least).  "I've Done Everything for You" was another top 10 hit for Springfield, but is actually a cover of a Sammy Hagar song.  The song was originally released on Hagar's 1978 live album, All Night Long, and apparently Hagar had been performing it since 1977.  A Sammy Hagar studio version was released in 1982 (on the Rematch album), in order to attempt to generate momentum in the aftermath of "I've Done Everything" becoming a big hit.

While Rematch was not a big hit, Sammy Hagar's career did take off in 1981, perhaps partly due to the Springfield cover.  Of course, Rick Springfield would go on to have tremendous success in the 1980's, with 4 consecutive top 20 records.

As an aside, I think Springfield does a fine job on the cover, which sounds more polished than the original.

Note that the Sammy Hagar version is louder (!) so you might want to turn down the volume a bit ...

Cool trivia fact:  Rick Springfield played a sex and drug addicted version of himself on the cable TV show Californication, which gets ERV's highest recommendation.


  1. Actually, "I've Done Everything for You" was the 1st song release off of the Working Class Dog Album, not Jesse's Girl. I agree with you though, it is a much better song that Jesse's Girl but was far less marketable at the time. Gosh, even still today! :)

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  2. Diana, thanks for reading the blog, and great question. According to Billboard, "Jessie's Girl" was the first single off Working Class Dog and hit #1 on August 1, 1981 (after 19 weeks on the charts). "I've Done Everything for You" hit #8 on November 7, 1981 (after 12 weeks on the charts). [Old Billboard magazines can be viewed at Google Books, btw, which is seriously cool.] Allmusic also thinks that "Jessie's Girl" was the first single from the LP, so those were my sources. If you have a different source, let me know, because '81 is long enough ago that I had to look up which came first.

    BTW, I have a hard time picking between the 2 songs -- both very solid. In retrospect, Springfield probably didn't get the credit he should have for writing some really solid, hooky rock songs.

  3. Hey, Dog! Thanks for the reply! It is great to talk to another Rick fan! :) I read in Rick's book that they released "I've Done Everything for You" first because they thought it would do better because of the tie to Sammy Hagar. According to the book, "Jessie's Girl" was the 2nd release and after the success of that "I've Done Everything for You" made it up the charts. Anyway, it doesn't matter...they are great songs! I am also a big fan of Comic Book Heroes and Venus in Overdrive!

    Have you had a chance to see him in concert?

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  4. Diana, that is very interesting and I (obviously) have not read his book, although to be fair, it seems like Mr. Billboard and Mr. Allmusic have not read it either. I have changed the text to indicate that it is the second charting single, which should be accurate.

    Very interesting that the label cared about the Sammy Hagar tie-in, as I don't think a lot of people knew who Hagar was in early '81. I didn't see him live back in the day, as I viewed him as a 'girl's artist,' which is on me.

    If you want to stay current on postings here at ERV you may want to subscribe or like us on Facebook. In either case, you'll get notified when the blog is updated.

    Lastly, I'll reiterate that you should catch Rick on Californication (Season 3, I believe). He rocks it, in an R-rated, trashy sort of way.

  5. Hey Dog, I was a little surprised by the Sammy Hagar tie-in as well. Interesting. And I guess since the record company was trying to make Rick another teen idol the 'girls artist' title fits. ;)

    Thanks for the heads up on Facebook and Californication! I'm going to check both of those out for sure! See you around!