Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jane Wiedlin - Rush Hour

Best known as the rhythm guitarist for the Go-Gos, Jane Wiedlin also released two albums that charted in the 1980's, and has released two more since then.

"Rush Hour" is from her second album, 1988's Fur.  Although the album received mixed reviews, "Rush Hour"  was praised as a good pop song, and would go on to become Wiedlin's biggest solo hit, reaching #9 on the Billboard charts.  Unfortunately, the Fur album did not do as well, peaking at #105.

The original idea for the song came from sitting in traffic in LA.  It occurred to Wiedlin, that "Rush Hour" sounds like it should be fun, but obviously it isn't.  She turned the phrase on its head, and came up with the idea for the song, which she then co-wrote with Peter Rafelson (a professional song writer).

The video is relatively simple, and just shows Wiedlin performing and swimming with the fishies (ok, dolphins, whatever).  Wiedlin is a well-known animal rights activist, which may have had something to do with it.

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