Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Helix - Deep Cuts the Knife

The poor man's Honeymoon Suite (or is it the other way around), Helix showed up on the music scene in the early 1980's, and had a few minor hits here and there during the decade.  This hard-working Canadian band was formed in 1974, but it took years to secure a coveted record contract.  And although their period of modest commercial success was all too brief (roughly 1983-87), the band has continued to work, more or less continuously, to this day.

"Deep Cuts the Knife" was the lead single off their 1985 album, Long Way to Heaven, and peaked at #20 on the Mainstream Rock charts, while the album did not break the Billboard top 100.  The song is a surprisingly strong rock ballad that was combined with a polished video, but somehow it did not really connect with its intended audience.  Given the popularity of hard rock during this time, it is surprising that Helix did not enjoy more success, but such are the whims of fate.

Cool trivia fact:  Helix opened the tour to support this album in Sweden, where they were the first Canadian band to extensively tour the country.

Helix's "Heavy Metal Love" was posted on ERV in January, 2016.

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