Saturday, September 10, 2011

Aldo Nova - Fantasy

Another wonderfully ridiculous video featuring supernatural guitars (see Breaking the Law for an earlier example).  Set in the future (or at least a 1981 version of the future), Aldo Nova portrays a mystical guitar player with bodyguards, and the geekiest guitar tech known to man.  Nova uses his guitar laser to break into a warehouse in order to  ... play guitar with his band?

In fact, Aldo Nova's 1981 self-titled debut was moderately successful.  The album quickly went gold (it has since gone on to be certified double platinum!!) and peaked at #8 on the album charts.  The single, "Fantasy," no doubt helped by the video, hit #23 on the singles chart.  However, Nova's subsequent work did not do very well, and while he has remained in the business, it is not pretty.  He has written songs for Jon Bon Jovi, Faith Hill, Clay Aiken and ... Celine Dion (man, say it ain't so Aldo).

Cool trivia fact:  Aldo Nova played George Harrison in Beatlemania.