Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pat Benatar - All Fired Up

Long time ERV readers may recall that Pat Benatar's cover of The Rascals "You Better Run" was the second video posted on ERV, back in August 2011.  (Uncoincidentally, it was also the second video ever played on MTV, after The Buggles.)  In contrast, "All Fired Up" may well have been the last Pat Benatar video played on MTV during the 1980's; it was unarguably her last (of 15) top 40 hits, not counting "You Better Run," which peaked at #42 in 1980.

"All Fired Up" is off the Wide Awake in Dreamland album, which was Benatar's seventh studio LP.  It was also her last album recorded in the 1980's (and last top 30 LP).  Although it is not as strong as her first few records, it is a solid effort, though perhaps a bit formulaic.  Having said that, Benatar's strong vocals make nearly everything sound good.

The video features the long haired version of Benatar, along with guitarist/husband Neil Giraldo and drummer Myron Grombacher (who was fantastic live).  It is a performance piece, with some behind-the-scenes footage.

As savvy readers will have surmised by the labels, "All Fired Up" is also a cover.  The song was written by by Kerryn Tolhurst and recorded in 1987 by his band, Rattling Sabres.  The song was the group's biggest hit, and reached #97 on the charts in their native Australia.  Through the minor miracle that is the internet, the video is below.

Benatar's "Promises in the Dark" was also posted on ERV in March 2018.


  1. Never was much of a Pat Benatar fan.
    Long or Short hair. HA! Yet, she did record some Rockers.
    This is one.
    Always admired Neil Giraldo's guitar work.
    Again, did not know this was a cover.
    Thanks for the knowledge, as always.
    All The Best,