Sunday, October 9, 2011

Daryl Hall - Dreamtime

Hard to believe that there is a video on here for a song that hit #5 on the Billboard charts, and from an artist who has written or co-written 11 (!) Billboard #1s, but there you have it.  "Dreamtime" is a very solid pop/rock song from half of Hall & Oats (Hall is the blonde guy who sang, if you have to ask).  And yes, I think it has been somewhat forgotten in the sands of time.

The song was the first single from Daryl Hall's 1986 solo album, Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine.  Unlike Hall & Oats, there is no poppy, blue-eyes soul to be found; if anything, the song has a slightly psychedelic new wave vibe, not unlike Prince's "Raspberry Beret," which came out the previous year.

The video, although slightly pretentious, does compliment the song quite well, with lots of swirling graphics, weird sets, and seemingly random scene fades.  Ok, maybe there is just a bit too much Daryl Hall in the video, but it is his (second) solo album, you can't really blame the guy too much for that.

Cool trivia fact; Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics) plays guitar on the song.

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