Friday, September 30, 2011

Henry Lee Summer - I Wish I Had a Girl

Indiana born Henry Lee Summer (born Henry Lee Swartz) was not an overnight success story.  Self-taught on guitar, piano and drums, he was a working musician from the late 1970's on, and released a few demo singles, and even two full albums before being signed by Epic records in 1988.  Summer then had a brief period of real success, with 5 songs that charted between 1988 - 91, including 2 top 40 hits.

"I Wish I Had a Girl" was his first hit, and rose to #20 on the Billboard charts (and #1 on the Mainstream Rock Charts).  The song was actually written and recorded in 1985, but was re-recorded for his major label debut.

As for the video ... well, it is chock full of mullety (is that a word?), acid wash late 1980's goodness.  Henry Lee seems to be harassing every young woman who walks down the street.  My favorite is the bicycle singing harassment, which cannot be an easy thing to do.

As his success waned, Summer wrote songs for a few soundtracks (Sniper and Striking Distance) before fading from view.  He was back in the news a few times between 2005 - 10 for drug-related issues, but seems to have cleaned up as of this writing.